About David Speiser

About David Speiser

I’ve been engaged in technology marketing, PR and media relations for the past 5 years. My particular focus is on media relations with reporters covering technology, and strategic marketing for consumer technology products and services.  I work with technology writers, television reporters, producers and analysts in the technology blogging world, mainstream press, traditional print media, television journalists and more.

My work in technology began in 2005, as the first employee at Sticky Inc., a software company focused on removable devices (like USB flash drives); we built software services to personalize those devices.  At Sticky I led marketing and business development, and created partnership agreements with more than a dozen prime Web 2.0 startups to integrate their services with Sticky Inc. consumer software.

In 2007 Sticky was acquired by DeviceVM Inc., developers of Splashtop, the instant-on OS.  At DVM, I became the director of marketing and PR, and helped launch their Splashtop software to the world.  We achieved tremendous success both on the marketing and PR side, as well as on the business side. Today Splashtop ships on millions of laptops, PC’s and motherboards every year with manufacturers like Dell, HP, Acer, ASUS and others.

In 2008 I transitioned into full time strategic marketing and media relations work as a founding employee at Stage Two, a marketing firm based in San Francisco. At Stage Two I worked as an account manager and account supervisor, working with and running accounts for numerous clients.  In my time at Stage Two, I helped consumer technology companies develop their strategic marketing plans, created messaging and positioning strategy, and coordinated PR campaigns on the local, national and global scale. I’ve helped launch dozens of companies and products, and been directly responsible for press coverage in publications ranging from the New York Times to CNN to NPR and the Wall Street Journal.

In June of 2010 I opened up my own firm, DRSmedia.  We’ve grown to a cadre of 3 people, and enjoy office space in the AOL building at 395 Page Mill Rd. in Palo Alto.  We’re lucky to work with an amazing group of clients and technology pros.

Prior to my work in technology, I spent time both in sales and education. After a Bachelor of Arts degree from UCSB, I started my “career” at SmithKline Beecham Pharmaceuticals as a marketing and sales rep. After reclaiming my soul from the heartless corporate world, I moved to the opposite extreme running headlong into the world of experiential education.  I spent my days teaching rock climbing, facilitating ropes courses and leading backpacking trips for the Shalom Institute.

I enjoy the outdoors, playing soccer, and woodworking.  I also play the guitar, though with more enthusiasm than skill. I’m an avid reader with a predilection for sci-fi, fantasy, alternative history and historical fiction.  Some authors I’m passionate about today include S.M. Stirling, John Scalzi, and Bernard Cornwell.