Days of Wonder

Days of Wonder

Days of Wonder is a board game company, based in Los Altos, CA.  In October 2011, they signed on as a client of DRSmedia.  But wait, you say, what’s a board game company doing working with a technology PR firm?  We shall explain…

Days of Wonder is one of the coolest companies we’ve seen.  The team is made up of ex-silicon valley tech entrepreneurs, expatriates from the tech-startup rat race who decided to start a board game company. That’s right, they’re living the dream we all long for, working on awesome games that far outstrip the fun, quality, aesthetics and sophistication of, say, Monopoly.   But what’s especially cool is that by virtue of their tech DNA, the DoW also makes digital versions of their most popular games, in-house.

This is unique in the industry.  All the big guys (Hasbro, Parker Bros., etc.) have tried to
do this and failed.  If your roots lie in print publishing and distribution, it’s *very* hard to
build digital games well. Generally, the reverse is true as well; but Days of Wonder pulled it off.  They were the first company, period, to release a board game on the iPad when it launched in April of 2010, with their fantasy game of epic conquests, Small World. Their marqee title, Ticket to Ride, launched for the iPad in May 2011, and has racked up more than 1,000 5 star reviews in the iTunes store.  TTR has sold more than 3 million physical (cardboard) copies, and hundreds of thousands of copies on the iPad.  It’s a top grossing iPad app, and consistently a top 10 board game / strategy game.

On November 16th 2011, Days of Wonder released Ticket to Ride Pocket, the first version made for iPhone.  We got involved for this announcement, and they had some good success.  Top bloggers in the games and Apple space covered the news, including Cult of Mac, TUAW, Joystiq, Gama Sutra and others.  NBC television news also picked up the story (Scott McGrew is a fan) – see the video below.   In less than 24 hours Ticket to Ride Pocket made it to #15 in the iTunes top paid iPhone apps store, and in two days has become the #1 top paid strategy game app, and the #2 top board game app.

We’re excited to be working with Days of Wonder.  They have a unique place in their industry, straddling both the traditional (cardboard) gaming world, as well as the digital gaming space. They’re also wonderful people who make awesome games.


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