MyRoll is a complete reinvention of the mobile gallery for iOS and Android as an intelligently personalized experience. MyRoll is the first gallery ever created that uses behavioral, contextual, and image data analysis to learn what memories matter most to each user and tailor the gallery to each individual.

The result is a reimagined gallery experience that learns what is most important to each user, recognizes and highlights high-quality pictures, automatically organizes photos and videos into moments, and helps users easily and natively share entire moments, with multiple photos and videos, across Facebook, WhatsApp, SMS, Twitter, email, and more.

In July 2014, MyRoll launched for iOS and Android. At the same time, the company also underwent a re-brand (previously they were called Flayvr.) The reception to the new app and the incredible technology behind it was phenomenal, with excellent press coverage across a wide array of technology publications. Congratulations to the MyRoll team.

Love your gallery.


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