NextSpace is a coworking space. What’s coworking you ask? Let us fill you in.

Coworking is shared office space that includes community, infrastructure and idea sharing.  It springs from the idea that as a freelancer, small business owner, or a work-from-homer, its helpful to work with and around other than people.  For the average person looking for somewhere to work, there are only a couple of options:

1. Working in isolation from your home office

2. Working in a crowded, noisy coffee shop

3. Finding an awesome coworking space (we recommend #3)

NextSpace helps freelancers and small business owners create a social, professional office setting with all the nitty gritty logistics than come with office infrastructure (i.e. WiFi, printing services, phone services, conference rooms, etc.)  But rather than absorbing all the overhead that comes with renting office space, you can become a NextSpace member, skipping the detritus and just reaping the benefits.

What’s more, NextSpacers frequently benefit from something called the “NextSpace effect.”  This is the idea that by working with and around other talented professionals, new business opportunities and great ideas are more likely to develop organically.  As a software developer you might have projects to work on, but reap huge benefit from also working next door to great designers, PR pros, attorneys or Web developers.  The NextSpace effect helped a diverse team of designers, product people and software developers turn into Rally Up, which was acquired by AOL in August 2010.  This is a perfect example of the NextSpace effect, and the kinds of success it can breed.

DRSmedia is working with NextSpace to develop marketing strategy, and to run media relations for the growing company.  There are currently 2 spaces, NS Santa Cruz and NS San Francisco, with more on the way.  Coworking is a rapidly developing industry, and NextSpace is on the forefront leading the (r)evolution of work in the 21st century. Newspapers and trade publications are beginning to take notice, as more an more business owners and freelancers turn to NextSpace as the ideal venue for running their business.  Where do you want to work?

USA Today’s Jefferson Graham recently did a piece at the opening of the new NextSpace Los Angeles (NsLA) location, shooting a video interview with company founder Jeremy Neuner, and running an article online and in the print edition on Wednesday, May 4th, 2011.  The video is embedded below:

USA Today’s “Talking Tech” with Jefferson Graham

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