On Monday, October 18th, Unsocial launched their multi-platform mobile app at DiscoveryBeat, a conference put on by the technology and Venture news blog VentureBeat.  In case you haven’t heard, Unsocial is a discovery tool for business networking – it helps you find people you need to meet, and don’t already know.  It’s available for iPhone and Android already, with more platforms coming. We did a few different things with this launch:

  • Launched in San Francisco (and greater Bay Area) only, as a means of limiting usage and controlling the scale of the Beta launch while also creating a sense of scarcity around the app
  • Launched in Beta, in an effort to get the product in the hands of users and collect feedback from the people who’d be actually using it
  • Launched as the official app for a technology conference focused on mobile applications

So how did the launch go? It was an astounding success. We saw coverage with great technology blogs like Giga Om, Mashable, Techcrunch and VentureBeat.  As a result, the story spent a while in Techmeme as well.  Ultimately we even saw mainstream, traditional business outlets covering the company, including Business Week and the New York Times.  Coverage has continued steadily for more than two weeks, which is impressive in itself. But users (remember the users?) have been downloading the app, and crying out for more cities so they can try out the app in their own hometown.  Conference organizers and related businesses have also been getting in touch to see how they can integrate Unsocial.

This is the kind of success you hope for, and the kind of launch we like to help create.  Way to go Unsocial!

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